Mario D'Orsogna was the founder of D'Orsogna Dolciaria. Working alongside his wife Lucia in the biscuit bakery, his passion for typical Italian cakes and sweets grew, in 1957 under then name of the biscuit bakery known as "Cigno", he started to produce biscuits, wafers, ladyfingers, amaretti and Easter eggs.
Straight away his ability to meet his customers needs in supplying huge quantities of products, enabled the artisan's laboratory to grow in the market for ice-cream decorations.

They were historic leaders in the cocoa grained amaretti and crunches suppliers for the Algida ice-cream called "Croccante". Sponge cake drops were an intuition born to favour a sponge cake which was able to conserve softness within ice-cream, the cream in the "Winner" ice-cream stick and the "Morbidini" called so beacuase of their characteristics to remain soft even below temperatures of -16°.

Today under the management of the second generation of the D'Orsogna family represented by Valerio D'Orsogna, the business is an approved supplier on a European level for the best multinational companies in the production of semi worked facilities in the cake industry.